The obvious answer here would be ‘a degree’ but anyone who’s been to University knows that there’s far more to uni than just getting a qualification.

1. Yoga

Joining the yoga society was, by far, one of the best choices I made at University. I’d been to a taster during my first year but didn’t officially join until second year when one of my friends expressed a wish to try it out. A year on and I’d also managed to bag myself a place on the society committee with some of the most lovely people I’ve ever met! Yoga was something I’d never even considered trying before University and now I’ve finished, I’m eager to continue practising and make it part of my weekly routine.

2. Dramatic Writing

Okay, so this one is slightly more degree-related. First year Creative Writing students were required to take three obligatory modules: Understanding Prose, Poetry and Dramatic Writing. I’d never really been much into poetry and had written very little dramatic, so had pinned the prose module up there as my favourite prior to beginning the course. Three years on, I still look back fondly on all three modules but the dramatic writing class will always be my favourite! Not only was my lecturer a legend, each week I was inspired by feedback from fellow students on my writing and to this day am still secretly proud of my first EVER play, ‘The Disappearance’ (which is probably utter garbage in the dramatic writing world, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right?).

3. Jack 

Is this a boyfriend?!’ I hear you ask. No. It’s not.

Jack (aka. Jack the Penguin) is a three-foot, stuffed penguin teddy I picked up in the New Year sales back in 2016. He is much-loved, good for cuddles and frequently used by certain members of my household as a cushion or footrest, meaning he has frequented the washing machine a number of times and deserves a good re-stuffing when I eventually move out!

Have you been or are currently at University? I’d be interested to know what the best three things you’ve got out of your time there are so far in the comments!

Namaste x