I’m not really much of a fan of poetry. In fact, I don’t enjoy a lot of this complicated, rhyme-y stuff that far too much thought has been put into forming and students spend so much time extracting the slightest of meaning from (something I never did excel at in school). The poetry I do like is short and to-the-point; so much unlike the vast majority of poetry I read during my time in education that at first I wondered if it counted as poetry at all, but after seeing poetry described as ‘a quality of beauty and intensity of emotion’ (good ol’ Google), I discovered that even the shortest of statements can be considered a form of poetry.

One of the best platforms to find work like this is Instagram, writers and artists photographing snippets of their work and uploading it onto the website, which only provides a small square of possible space and therefore often only short pieces of writing. I’m not a particularly frequent user of any social media platform so often don’t see a lot of the pictures people post, but one of the accounts I follow on Instagram is WRDSMTH, a street artist based in Los Angeles with a distinctive typewriter style and an unverified identity (kind of like the Banksy of America, I’m assuming). A few days ago I was scrolling through the app and saw that the artist had posted a recent photo of their work with the statement:

‘Wonder Woman is a state of mind.’

Suitably, this piece comes at a similar time to the release of DC’s ‘Wonder Woman’ film but I recall upon seeing the photo that the image really struck me. I suspect it’s because I am currently at a stage in my life where a lot of things are changing and a range of opportunities are available to me. As a young and highly independent woman myself, the strength and power that Wonder Woman symbolises is a personal inspiration and drive to use my own *potentially unknown* personal power to strive for the goals I want in life – an inspiration to become my own ‘Wonder Woman’, of sorts. The message is this: the superpower is nothing but a metaphor; it’s a mindset, an attribution, that people – not just women – naturally have inside them. They just have to find that inner strength and become the ‘Wonder Woman’ that they are.

… Or perhaps I have read too much into that simple statement! Either way, the message I got from it was an inspiration to me at this particular time in my life and I hope it also inspires other women to search for and use their strength, power and potential.

Go and be wonderful, women. Show the world who’s boss.