For no particular reason I can fathom, I’ve been feeling pretty down this week. It’s also just that little bit too hot at nighttime again in the UK and the recurring motion of waking up at 2am with the covers clinging to my sweaty body is beginning to get on my nerves. The solution for that is easily solved: remove the covers. The answer to why that isn’t an option is also simple: monsters.

I get it. Everyone feels down from time to time. It’s perfectly natural to feel down or sad at times when you can see no reason to be. I guess this feeling just feels a bit alien to me at the moment because I haven’t felt like this specifically for quite some time. That’s not to say I haven’t felt sad, it just means that more recently I’ve been able to identify a reason or reasons why I’m feeling like that. And what’s worse is that for me (and probably many other people), feeling like this generally pairs itself with feeling unmotivated to do pretty much anything. Take this blog post, for example. I’ve been considering writing it since Monday but only this afternoon did I do some yoga and pour myself a cup of tea as my fingers felt the familiarity of the keyboard for the first time in around a week (I’m quickly seizing the new-found motivation from my yoga practice before it wears off – can you tell?!).

Like all feelings, time is the greatest healer and I know that in a few days I’ll be back to my normal self. It’s at times like this I’m reminded of a saying from Dr. Deaton in the final episode of season three’s Teen Wolf (yes, I know that’s not where it’s originally from but in case you don’t know already, I’m a bit of a nerd):

Regression to the Mean. 

You’ve probably heard that term in Maths or Science before as a term used for the calculated average of a certain number of values. In a non-numerical sense, this statement suggests that there is a mean – an average or general normal state of emotions – and dependent on events, hormones, all that sort of stuff, your mood will heighten (excitement, happiness, joy) or lower (sadness, grief, anxiety). But, eventually, as time passes, those feelings, whether good or bad, will always return to the normal – they will regress to the mean. This means that these extreme feelings are only temporary and this is what I try to remind myself of when I am feeling particularly low.

Remember: Time heals everything. 

Here’s to a *hopefully* good night’s sleep and an even better tomorrow!