19th – 20th August

Last weekend, I took a short trip to Salisbury in Wiltshire to visit a friend from university who has recently moved to the city for work. And for once, I actually took some photos!

On Saturday morning, we went to the Cathedral and saw the Magna Carta. The courtyard-type area pictured above is what you first see upon entering the Cathedral building. As the weather was so nice, the courtyard looked quite stunning.


This building is on the edge of the large central square. I’m not entirely sure what it is but it looked pretty cool as night drew in.


On Sunday, we went to English Heritage site, Old Sarum. The photo above shows the remains of the original Cathedral which was moved in the 1200s to New Sarum or what is now known as Salisbury. The rest of the site allows you to walk around the remains of the medieval castle at Old Sarum. As the weather was so lovely again, the scenery was quite magnificent.

And that’s it! My snapshot tour of my short trip to Salisbury. This part of the world is perhaps most famous for Stonehenge – somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit. Perhaps I’ll get there next time.