Holy smokes, it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post!

The reason for this is simple: I got a job!

Let’s trace back to this time roughly two weeks ago. Like almost everyday of the prior month and a half, I’d been searching for jobs on indeed.co.uk, applying to a few I thought were interesting and that I thought I might be at least half qualified for and not hearing anything back. I get this is often the process of applying for jobs, especially on large job websites like these, but I think it’s a general consensus that after some time of this, it’s difficult to not feel a bit demoralised. And as I’ve said before, demoralisation leads to de-motivation which leads to overthinking, etc, etc – and before you know it, you’re in the midst of a life/existential why-am-I-not-good-enough, I’ll-never-achieve-anything, what-the-heck-am-I-doing-with-my-life crisis!

AKA: The Quarter-life Crisis ~ A Trilogy. 

I’ve been a sucker for a cheeky quarter-life/existential crisis since I was about eighteen which is partly due to my constant overthinking about the things I have yet to achieve but more so due to Youtuber ‘Daniel Howell’, who’s videos on the quarter-life/existential crisis I found around that time. Creds to Dan though, those videos really helped me to identify what those what-am-I-doing-with-my-tiny-existence thoughts actually were and helped me figure out how to put them aside.

The biggest thing for me is having too much time to think. It’s a strange love-hate relationship: I love having time to myself to write and get sh*t done but if I have just one too many days on my own in a row, I start to overthink E V E R Y T H I N G.

And then I feel down and demotivated and the cycle begins again!

It must be a common thing for a lot of people as many of my friends have experienced the same feelings. I find that the best way to remedy this is to fill my time wisely. And that’s why I started looking for a part-time job. Not only is it handy to have a bit of money coming in but I have more to do throughout the week which I find gives me a bit more purpose and I can prioritise and carry out my plans more productively. Which, in the long run, makes me feel happier!

I was lucky to find a part-time job really quickly and by the end of that week I had already started. The job is waitressing in a restaurant which I’ve done before so it definitely helps that I know the ropes already. Plus, I’ve got to meet some nice new people which is always great and because it’s part-time, I’ve also got time to write and work on some of my own projects, as well as catch up with friends and family. Ideal for now whilst I continue to look for full-time jobs and attempt to figure out what I want to do with my life without the constant cloud of a quarter-life crisis looming too much in the background!