Last July, I made a deal with myself:

No more books until you’ve finished the ones you’ve already got.

I’d recently got into a bad habit of picking up one book, reading a few chapters and then swapping it for another, only the first thirty or so pages creased at the corners where I hadn’t had a bookmark. In all walks of life, leaving ends incomplete like that isn’t my forte so I decided enough was enough – the number of books I’d partly-thumbed or hadn’t read, rapidly outweighing those that I had.

I’m in no way a fast reader, nor do I much enjoy critiquing them but I wanted to write about the books I’d read on my blog somehow so I decided that rather than writing a lengthy review of each book, I’d instead read a few and just write a small rundown of each telling you what I thought about them.

So, here goes… (arranged in order of which I read them in *no spoilers*)

  1. The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett

    I picked up this book on a whim around a year and a half ago. I’ll admit that it’s not the genre that I would usually go for but I found myself glued to following the lives of the different versions of Eva and Jim. It’s a lovely read and the way it’s written is very creative, Barnett portraying three versions of Jim and Eva in which they meet at different points in their lives and how the different versions of their lives consequently differ.

    My favourite line on pg. 252: ‘At four o’clock, Eva unspools the finished Harvard reference from her typewriter, folds it neatly, and places it inside a good cream envelope.’

Rating: Four of Jim’s paintings out of Six.

2. The Scarecrow Queen by Melinda Salisbury

The third book in Salisbury’s Sin Eater series had been out for months before I got round to reading it, waiting eagerly until I’d completed my final year of university before I got my hands on it. And it was definitely worth the wait. I absolutely LOVE this series. There’s literally nothing more for me to say other than – just read it!

My favourite line on pg. 289: ‘And that, my girl, is the secret. Quake all you must on the inside. But on the outside you must be stone.’

Rating: Nine Opus Mortems out of ten.

3. The Heart Collector by Melinda Salisbury 

A few hours after completing The Scarecrow Queen and many unconvincing self-affirmations of ‘I’m fine. Yes, really I’m fine. Totally, totally fine’, I quickly discovered that Salisbury had written a few spin-off type stories based in the Sin Eater world *yay*. This was the first book I’ve ever read digitally (as the book is only available as an ebook) and it was the perfect accompaniment following my completion of the series and stopped me from exhibiting major series-completion withdrawal symptoms.

Rating: Six and a half sausages and tomatoes out of eight.