Contrary to my last post, as we’ve approached the end of December this year, my spirits have improved greatly.

Perhaps it’s just the build up to Christmas that spoils it for me but Christmas day itself was a lovely day spent with both family and friends, including one of my friends from university who came down to spend Christmas with us. I still didn’t appear to be the epitome of Christmas spirit (although I reckon that’s more down to the ‘magic’ of Christmas dwindling as you get older) but I still enjoyed it all the same.

It’s difficult for me to ignore the fact that this change of tune from earlier on in December is almost definitely caused by the prospect of an exciting January 2018 ahead. Where it once felt like my life was a big old mess that was never going to sort itself out anytime soon at the beginning of the month, it’s now starting to feel like a few of the different corners of my life are slowly pulling together, finally making me feel a little less lost and demoralised for the first time in a long while. In that sense, perspective and hindsight are weird. Though I am very aware that just because the prospect of one of the biggest January’s of my life seems exciting doesn’t mean that it necessarily will be, I am glad for this feeling and even if everything doesn’t quite go as planned, I will appreciate the journey and this newfound sense of enthusiasm and drive that the events of the past month have given me.

As well as an exciting January, 2018 already has some fun plans ahead. I’ll be attending two weddings this Summer, one of which is my older cousins and I am bridesmaid for (for the first time ever!). Family is very important to me and if a family wedding isn’t an excuse to get all the family together then I don’t know what is. A lovely close friend of mine is planning on working abroad from the end of the year so my friends and I are currently making plans to hopefully go and visit her either later in the year or in early 2019. And finally, I am hoping to take some proactive actions to work on my personal health this year. For the past four and a half years or so, I have been gently struggling alone with the help of family and friends with an issue I’d thought the completion of my university studies would stop. But, guess what? It hasn’t. Most definitely things are better than they were but it seems that you cannot ignore an issue like that and hope it goes away. So, it’s about time I use my newfound sense of drive to kick this issue in the butt! I’m not one for resolutions but perhaps I’ll make that my sole one.

When I saved the quotes above to my Pintrest board, I knew at the time that they stood out to me and I’ve been back to them and read them over and over again since so I thought I’d tack them onto this. I do like the first one but I love the second.

I’ve found it. And I’m chasing it.

‘Bravery is contagious. Create a chain reaction.’