Remember a few weeks back when I wrote a blog post about having an exciting January ahead? Well, it definitely has been very exciting but also H E L L A busy!

Alongside the fact that I also copy-write for a living now, attempting to successfully adapt to my rountined lifestyle changes has meant that I haven’t had much chance to sit down and write for a while. So today – inspired by this blog post by my friend, Hayley (which I also feature in!) – I decided that I would take some time to write about our little adventure this past weekend.

Saturday 27th January.


We’d been hoping to go to the spa but unfortunately they were fully booked so Hayley had suggested this cute little place to go for lunch. Not only was the afternoon tea delicious but they also had a resident DOG! I mean, if that’s not a winner in itself then I don’t know what is. Anyway, back to the food – what’s cool is that at this place you get to choose exactly what you want which suits me as, as much as I love food, there’s a lot of combinations of things I don’t particularly like and have often found myself having to leave the sandwiches and cakes that I don’t really enjoy. For this reason, among many others, this quaint little place was an absolute joy. Plus, they have clotted cream. I mean, if the resident dog didn’t sway you, there aren’t many people who don’t begin drooling at the mouth when someone mentions clotted cream. YUM.


After stuffing ourselves full of clotted cream, scones and coffee cake, we decided to head to the local butterfly zoo. Fun fact: Hayley’s actually something of a butterfly expert. This meant I got my own little guided tour of the place! It probably helps that she actually works there too (which would also explain the butterfly expertise). There’s a maze at this lovely little place as well. I haven’t been to a maze since I was maybe nine years old so I was more than happy to venture (or run) around the maze. The day was actually pretty gloomy this past Saturday but the view across the maze once you got to the end was gorgeous.


So, there you have it. Another snapshot of a little adventure. We did go by a couple of other places but, me being me, I didn’t take any photos. Though, as you can probably guess, Hayley did so feel free to check out her blog post and see what else we got up to.

A lovely day with friends is a day well spent. x