Hi, I’m Em and welcome to my website and blog.

I’m a 22 year old aspiring writer based in the United Kingdom with a first class bachelors degree in Creative Writing and English Language.


I first set up a little blog back in 2014 in my year out – a year I like to refer to as ‘The Year of Existential Crisis’. After attempting to distract myself by baking lots of different flavoured cupcakes and replaying every Nintendo 64 game on the shelf, a few months later, I started University in the hope that three years studying something that sparked my interest would give me enough time to figure out what it was that I really wanted to pursue.

Three years on, a wealth of memories made and degree in hand, I left University in July 2017 with an increasing sense of direction and drive. So I decided to start afresh, leaving the late night caffeine-filled blog posts containing the worries of a young University student behind. I set up a new blog ‘Emily Twenty Something’, a place for me to write about the events, trials and adventures of my adult life, documenting the journey for both myself and in the hope that some of what I write might assist or inspire someone else.